WP Engine: The Ultimate WordPress Host

We all know that downtime is the ultimate no-no when it comes to your web business. You can’t make a sale if your customers can’t get to you. It’s as simple as that. That’s why we’re lucky here at HYPEStudio to be partnered and affiliated with WP Engine. One of the features that we are happy to offer our customers are Instant sites with WP Engine. Instant sites with WP Engine allow us to instantly transfer the pre-configured website from our server to yours, INSTANTLY! You can learn more about how to benefit from it here: https://hypestudio.org/instant-sites/.

Besides having an awesome customer support & offering features tailored to their customer’s needs, WP Engine’s absolutely bulletproof hosting gives us total peace of mind, and we can’t overstate how highly we recommend them. If our recommendation isn’t enough, take a quick look at their list of clients, and not only will you be immediately convinced of their top-notch credentials, you’ll also be blown away by the list of top flight governments and fortune 50 companies that are powering their business and keeping their data secure with WordPress. Whether you’re looking to test WP Engine’s professionally managed hosting services on a single site, or looking to migrate an entire corporate web presence to a more robust platform, WP Engine has a pricing plan for you.

While we’re all aware of the evils of downtime, and the ever-growing threat of security breaches, we wanted to take a moment to talk about one of the less obvious, but equally important factors that drive modern customer engagement, and how WP Engine can help. That factor is speed. With the increasing complexity of device-scalable UIs and the relentless demand for data-heavy content, even a well designed and well-maintained website, with the best of intentions, can find itself struggling to load for the end user at an acceptable speed. This can be due to a number of factors, from how your site is caching globally, to fine details in your lovingly-crafted custom code. It’s a terrifying statistic, but a one-second delay in loading time can cause as much as a 7% drop in conversions from first-time engagements. With so much to do and so little time, your average potential customer simply won’t wait before moving on.

This is where WP Engine’s Page Performance tool comes in. Page Performance allows you to analyze every detail of your page’s speed, hunts down problems for you, and provides solutions, all while integrating seamlessly into your existing workflow. You can even automate testing on a regular basis, allowing you to maintain a consistent rate of performance even if your site undergoes frequent updates. Analytics are presented in a manner of formats from a user-friendly graphical interpretation right down to the raw data, and page rendering can be viewed in an incredibly detailed filmstrip format, giving tenth-of-a-second insight into how exactly the visitor is experiencing the content. WP Engine even offers a free diagnostic check of your site’s current performance to help you see how you’re doing before you get started.

If you’re ready to take your WordPress hosting to the next level or looking to migrate your existing project to a more robust environment, you can head over to WP Engine.com and take a look at their pricing plans.


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