Amazon Personalize for WooCommerce

Amazon Personalize for WooCommerce, is an AWS plugin feature that allows WooCommerce stores to leverage the same AI technology that Amazon uses for intelligent product recommendations.

The APWC feature securely transmits user behavior data, which can be configured, to the Amazon Personalize service. This data is used to train machine learning models that can be utilized for various purposes such as powering views of recommended products, email campaigns, solutions for abandoned carts, and more.

The plugin’s “recommended products” API can be used to incorporate Amazon Personalize into your WooCommerce plugins, extensions, third-party systems, blocks or site elements. The plugin also includes a demo block powered by Amazon Personalize titled “You May Also Like”, which can be used directly on your website or as a starting point for your development team.

By using Amazon Personalize for WooCommerce, you can enhance your average order value and increase your site’s transactions. This is achieved by utilizing the same AI technology that Amazon employs for intelligent product recommendations.

  • Automatically sync product & user training data with Amazon Personalize
  • Configure user events and product data used to train Amazon Personalize
  • Manually reset campaigns or revert to the previous campaign
  • Deploy a “recommended products” demo block on your website
  • Access an in-plugin API to integrate product recommendations from Amazon Personalize
  • View reports showing current & past campaign results

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