WordPress Maintenance Services

Having a business website is not enough as giving it the proper maintenance, support, and update services it requires.

When it comes to WordPress, the most trusted content management system (CMS) in the world, we are experts you can trust in terms of WordPress Maintenance Services, WordPress Website support, and WordPress Website Updates and WordPress Website Management services. While you take care of your business, we will take care of your WordPress site.

WordPress Maintenance Service and WordPress Website Updates service are two tedious and technical tasks. Taking those tasks upon yourself may prevent your business from growing and likewise, hinders you from serving your customers – Let us do that for you, plus unlimited website support around the clock.

Knowing that a number of websites are getting hacked on a daily basis, you need to use preventive measures which is the best offensive tool that can be applied towards your WordPress website. Do not allow significant stress through website problems you can easily prevent and solve.

Do you want advanced WordPress security against spam, bots, and hackers? We can do that for you and also keep your WordPress themes, plugins, and core up-to-date for the most optimal protection and fastest performance.

Why Do You Need Our Services?

  1. The percentage of all infected WordPress website is alarming. Over 78% of the sites that use WordPress are reportedly infected.
  2.  About 63% of WordPress websites have been hacked while the owners are ignorant of the attack.
  3.  Within the first 180 days of the intrusion, 83% of WordPress owners are not observant.
  4.  Out of 10 websites, it’s rare to see one without vulnerability. About 86% of websites have a minimum of one vulnerability.

WordPress Maintenance Services

We offer our clients the full web maintenance service that can be from the scheduled or regular maintenance to emergency changes. Whatever the case, we can provide both services to keep your website alive and functioning while you focus on your business.

These includes:

  • Optimizing your website performance
  • Updating WordPress to the current version
  • Upgrading and updating WordPress CMS
  • Enhanced design and latest functionality
  • Fixing issues and bugs on the website
  • Anti-spam and web security solutions
  • Scheduled backups
  • WordPress issues that need a technical consultation

Benefits of WordPress Website Management Service for Your Business

Your business or brand’s website is the online presence that sells you, your service, or products to the world. Therefore, it’s important to have a website that functions at the highest peak in order to meet the needs of your customers and aid the service of your team. Whatever your business is on the cyberspace, whether blogging, individual, or business that understands the essentiality of web presence, we can assist with reaching your branding and business goals with our WordPress Management Service.

Here is the top WordPress Management Service you can benefit from:

1. Increased Visibility
We focus on website performance, SEO, and loading speed optimization. All these will take your website to a higher level in the search engine rankings. We can also help with the niche keywords to improve your visibility online, thereby increasing your website traffic.

2. Access to More Features
You stand to enjoy an uncountable number of features. This may be a plugin that will make your site engaging and interactive to readers or visitors, as well as other professional features that we can provide.

3. Improved Time Management
Going through a bunch of stages involved in business website development can waste your precious time. Allowing a website management partner like us to handle your project will help you focus your time on a productive business plan.

4. Top Data Security
Only top industry experts can develop stronger security protection against criminals who steal sensitive information on the internet. With maintenance like ours, you’ve got nothing to worry about anymore. You’ll get the most recent defense features and have strong security against hackers, breaches, or malware.

5. Easy Backups
Most websites have lost their data because their users don’t attach importance to backup. This is costly because your data goes down with a failed hard drive or collapsed system. With our service, your data is secure all year round.


Being familiar with your WordPress website doesn’t stop you from getting a timely response from the industry top experts. Or if you want to learn a few tips about simple “edits and post changes” to your website, we are industry experts who are confident at serving you better than the rest. We will be glad to answer or offer a solution to questions like

  • Can I add a new page?
  • How can I update my blog posts?
  • Where can I edit my personal information? And lots more!

Benefits of engaging our Support Service

Here is a list of what you stand to benefit from engaging our support service:

  1. Timeliness: We are open to attending to you 24 hours 7 days a week. No carry-over of service.
  2. Optimum Service: We, being industry experts with years and a wide range of experience, will provide you with an optimum service to make your business website stay on top of its competitors.
  3. Trust: Our service is trusted by many businesses across the globe, from startups to large businesses.


Here’s a list of update services that we can provide for your WordPress website.

  1. Timely Update: We can handle every important update on your WordPress site. The update is done every single week at an appropriate time without affecting the functionality of your business and traffic.
  2. Gutenberg Support: We will provide your website with the new editor upgrade and you don’t need to worry about any form of incompatibility.
  3. Safe Update Procedures: We carry out a one-at-a-time plugin update and your website is compared manually and automatically before and after the update.
  4. Choose Your Update: We can create a “no-update list” to add your legacy theme or plugins. The update is kept until a forward-movement solution for your site is available.
  5. Full Update Report: You’ll get a detailed update report of your theme, plugin, or core every week – transparency matters to us.
  6. Nothing to fear because we have your back.

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